Friday, August 28, 2015


Inhouse leagues are crucial for the growth of any scene. They provide a place for players to hone their skills, be creative, and have fun. A place where pro's and high skill players can play with and against each other competitively. It's been a few months since the FACE-IT league was seeing action but I'm looking forward to it starting back up in September.

For me personally I've always seen inhouse leagues as the premium place to practice. Not only can I practice drafting and strategy without the presence of my entire team but I also can learn from and adapt to the dozens of drafters I find myself against throughout the month. I use the IHL to make some generalizations about what works and what doesn't. League games are incredibly useful during a new patch or when I find myself a bit lost when it comes to understanding the current “meta”.

Take a look at my team, we ALL played in the last iteration of FACEIT and we won the International so obviously we're onto something. Look around at the NA scene, who are the big names of today? Arteezy, Sumail, Universe, PPD, Aui_2000, Fear, Yawar, Bulba, Zai(honorary American), TC, etc. We all play in these IHL's because we want to be better. Of course we have some fun along the way but our spirit for development and progress is what pushes us to keep playing.

If it wasn't for IHL's I don't know if I'd be doing what I'm doing. I joined my first professional HoN team because I was noticed in a IHL and someone saw potential in me. Same thing happened when Zai and I joined EG after TI3 and yet again with Sumail earlier this year. IHL's allow players to take their game to the next level, find competitive games, and maybe even some teammates to compete in this years upcoming Majors.

I'd like to say thanks to FACEIT for once again hosting the league and I look forward to competing this September.


  1. Yet another excellent blog post by P P D! Thank you Peter!

  2. PPD - have you thought about starting up an It seems like a better way to interact since you can curate the questions that are shown, and respond on your own schedule. Would love to see you start taking questions! I know I have plenty.

  3. How much did they pay you for this, Peter?

  4. if there was no premium thing where u have to dump money in order to get full value of playing those "inhouses" it might even be good platform

  5. The fact that you can even bring up NEL in the context of faceit just goes to show you haven't played a single game on their shitty platform and you're just being paid to post an advertisement for them.

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