Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tell me how you really FEEL

Met my old team in tmm tonight. Looking forward to a competitive game etc, GL HF’s went out and that’s when it all began.  Yea we got dumpstered, I lost short lane elect to swindles pharaoh, really bad. Embarrassing to say the least but w/e. That’s all beside the point.

Upon my death the other team (tdM) queing up on their Saturday night getting ready for the big DHW tourney (SATURDAY NIGHT TMM PRACTICE GUYS B THERE).  Anyways match ID is here : 68696511. Don’t really feel like going over it all but it’s basically just swindle and tralf verbally abusing the fact that they are winning a TMM match as a clan versus me. They used this as a platform to spout any other nonsense they deemed fit.

Points of interest, in-game timer:  3:15, 12:00-14:00

I know we have a bad history, but as I said in the NASL interview I am very happy with the way things turned out. It was a really bad situation and bad blood was bound to be spilled. I get that, I’m over it. I just wish the other guys would grow up. They may call me immature, bad-mannered, etc, w/e I don’t care. I have fun when I play HoN and that’s all it really comes down too. It’s just a game, the odds of you making a living are impossible and this game cannot be taken for anything more than a hobby after school/work.

Anyways something else I want to bring to attention, a few months ago sGty placed fourth in the Twitch TV tournament. We were forced to forfeit because they refused to continue to play with me when the admins made their ruling about the leadership of the team (all that leaderpandam business etc.) Anyways old news. With the payouts finally being distributed, our $350 going to Swindle to distribute amongst our 5 members who played in the tournament (PPD, Sender, Sneyking, Swindle, and Tralf). Unfortunately Sneyking and I have never received this money. You’d think someone who has been stolen from before would understand… (tehgosu_ situation at DYA). But nope, and after not replying to my emails I confronted him in game after my verbal abuse.

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  1. That's pretty low and bad mannered. If I had a grudge/hated someone and I owed them money before, I would still pay it. Especially if it's $140.