Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Being a “Gamer”

Hey guys Peterpandam (PPD) here with my first blog post. I currently am a professional Heroes of Newerth player playing for Infused Tt eSports. I have been an avid competitive gamer my whole life. No matter the game, whether it was Counterstrike, WC3, World of Warcraft, Callof Duty, or currently Heroes of Newerth, I find myself competing against the best the game has to offer. It's funny to think that someone can be inherently good at video games but it seems to prove true when talking to my online friends who also exceed in these competitive environments.
When I talk to or see successful gamers they come off as intelligent people who are able to develop the ever important “game sense” with relative ease. Aside from muscle memory and the mechanics of playing a video game they seem to just understand what needs to be done to compete and outthink their opponents.
As pertains to real life, I perceive myself as a hardworking intellectual with a bad habit of gaming holding me back. This might be my ignorance making excuses for my sometimes lack luster performance on tests, but it helps me sleep at night. I spend way too much time playing video games as do most of us who are probably reading this, but I do my work, study when necessary, and like to think I have my life somewhat put together. Sometimes I make some sacrifices when it comes to appeasing my gaming addiction but it’s the little things that make us who we are and what we represent. Gamers.

Today is also my 20th birthday so Happy Birthday to me = )!


  1. happy b day Peter!

    ure blog entry was a good read, and i see myself in most of what you said :)

  2. I disagree that you inherently have some sort of 'gaming sense'. Video games haven't been around long enough for humans to develop some sort of extra sensory gamer gene. I would agree if you said you may have some sort of psychological inheritance to use stress in a positive way, as most people perceive stress negatively. Either way, it's not proven, but I do know that hard work in anything will eventually get you to where you want to be, in whatever you're doing. God is great, praise Allah

    -Bin Laden