Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rosters change; HoN Continues

With the rise of Dota 2 and the seemingly dismal future of HoN, players are looking to new horizons. However their horizon varies between many options. Many of HoNs faithful have decided instead to stay with the game they love and see what comes up next. Hontour, Dreamhack Summer, possibly even an NASL season 3 spot? Players similar to myself are looking forward to HoN’s future and are excited to see what the future holds.

Examples of players switching include (but not limited to):
1.       Trixi – Msi-HoN to Mouz-Dota2
2.       Xoynoznu – Infs-HoN to Dota2
3.       DirgeSnoopy – Fray-HoN to Dota2
4.       Loda – OK to Dota2

However because of transitions new players will be introduced and teams disbanding, the teams open themselves up for new players and new teams. I have yet to see any new top tier teams be formed but almost every single one has made some sort of roster change following NASL.
Roster changes include (but not limited to):
1.       Bkid – EZ to tdM
2.       Msi’s unannounced new player as of now
3.       N4ruto – TMM to Fray
4.       Moonmeander – TMM to tdM
5.       Reelo – PORT to LION

To sum this up I would like to announce the new Infused team that I will be participating in. After Xoynoznu left the team and Buch went to the military we had no choice but to develop a new team. Astonl will be the new leader of Infused as we welcome our new roster as follows.
1.       Laurence “Astonl” Aston
2.       Sebastian “ChubbyChris2” Lund
3.       Jonathan “fajN`” Rauthing
4.       Emil “getviolator” Thunberg
5.       Peter ”Peterpandam” Dager
6.       Malte “PabloMcDad” Strid
“If Chris doesn’t feed so much it’s gonna be nice.” – Malte “PabloMcDad” Strid

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  1. I'm currently in the Dota2 beta but to many peoples dismay, I prefer hon over it. Any who, how does one go about getting into the competitive scene/team?