Friday, December 9, 2011

The S2 Meta-Game

For those of you who do not understand what meta-game is will explain it before starting on my rant. Meta-game is basically the word used to describe what strategies are being used in the current state of the game. For example a few months ago it was trilanes every game, whereas now it is filled with a bunch of cheesy S2 heroes and dual lanes, sometimes including a jungle hero.
                What the old trilane meta provided:
1.       Boring farm games
2.       Same heroes picked up every game
3.       Skilled 1v1 matchups
4.       Dominance of top tier teams            
What the new Meta provides:
1.       Variety in hero selections
2.       Game based 50% on picks/lanes
3.       Annoying no skill push strats
4.       Success of lesser skilled teams
Obviously I will not be touching on every single one of these individual points but I would like to address a few of the important ones.
In the old trilane meta we saw a lot of 1v1 matchups. It was always 1v1 mid and either 1v1 in a side lane for 3v1, and 1v3. Occasionally trilanes met for some entertaining early game but end quickly once one side picked up a few kills. In this meta we saw amazing players like n0tail and scandal dominate in the 1v1 mid situation. In the current meta it is rarely ever 1v1 mid and although they are still amazing players their dominance does not shine like it used to because the game is more based on team play.  Because of this top tier teams dominated because they had solo players who 9 times out of 10 won their lanes.
Although I am glad to see the variety of hero selections increasing as S2 continues to implement more and more ridiculously strong heroes I cannot help but be frustrated by the meta evolving from it. With additions of heroes like Amun’Ra, Midas, and the annoyance of existing heroes like  Zephyr I find myself almost always banning these annoying heroes because of their ability to win games regardless of player skill/intelligence.
Because of this Meta you will find teams winning games against teams they have no business beating. The strategy is stupidly simple.
-          Make sure the tanky hero (Ra, Zephyr, Kraken) gets next to free farm.
-          Surround him with annoying heal heroes (DS, Nymph, Jereziah, Midas)
-          As soon as said tanky hero farms a vanguard, begin the 4-5 man push.
As a result of this play you will find yourself at a serious gold advantage, and if the other team tries to combat you at the tower (one of the few ways to salvage the game) they will most likely lose the team fight because of your healing abilities which will progress your lead in both gold and more importantly experience.
I despise when people play like this, but in the end you play to win when it comes to tournament matches.
PS: wtb 5th ban = /.

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