Friday, October 11, 2013

Update Blog - Dota 2

Hey everyone, I've constantly been asked what's going on so I'm going to try and explain everything here.

Over a month ago I was asked to tryout for the soon-to-be Team Dignitas which comprised of 1437, Fogged, Inphinity, and Korok. Trying out along with me was Bdiz the former EG support player. As you may have or may not have seen both Bdiz and myself were alternating games in MLG officials and were taking turns during practice times. After nearly 3 weeks of tryouts I was told that the spot on the team was mine.
Similar to the time I was officially a part of the team Fogged was offered a spot on Evil Geniuses after their initial 5th did not work out. Fogged left the team which was probably the right move for him as we were struggling having 3 support players on the same team.

Then there was the WePlay tournament which did not go well. We we forced to use a different stand-in for each day and the games did not go well. The final day of WePlay we used Bleek and ended the day 3-1 with a comforting 2-0 victory over EG.
Immediately following our first wins in WePlay we were eager to begin practicing w/ Bleek as our 5th. After about a week or two of solid practice we ended up taking a 3-day break. Our first day back to scrimming we went 0-4 versus EG in scrims and I was removed from the roster the next day.
I did not play particulary well but I don't think performance was necessarily the biggest issue. It's as simple as people weren't willing to work hard enough to solve problems. The team isn't dedicated and is surprisingly arrogant.
Leaving Stay Free to join this team was one of the toughest decision I have had to make in the past year (along w/ leaving HoN for Dota 2). However before I left I talked to my teammates (Corey, Ensoe, Tralf, Zai) and they all agreed that they would do the same in my situation and I would be a fool  to not try and take advantage of such an opportunity.
And with that I'd like to apologize to all fans of team Stay Free. I'm sure they turned many eyes throughout the course of the MLG NA Dota 2 League with their dominating play. Unfortunately they will not be attending MLG Fullsail due to having two Europeans and not being able to cover flights with the $2000 travel stipend.
They gave up their spot to the Joikernaughts the day before I was removed from Dignitas' roster and we were not able to get the spot back. My ex-teammates  were nice enough to allow me to rejoin the roster and we will be playing in the final qualifier for MLG Columbus.
I was very adamant to Dignitas about our roster being finalized before I cut any ties w/ Stay Free so when I was cut it was pretty devastating. I am incredibly disappointed that I will not be attending MLG Fullsail, the showmatches in Korea, and potentially not Dreamhack Winter. We, Stay Free, have high hopes for the MLG qualifier and are working hard everyday to become a top tier team!
Also I'm streaming much more so check it out on my new URL *Thanks Dignitas for the name change*. Follow my twitter @ppdDota

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