Thursday, July 24, 2014

Subscriber Blog #3

Hey subs, quick update! Our boot-camp in Germany was canceled so we are staying in Stockholm for those 7 days instead. I've been to Stockholm a couple times now and had a great time so I am excited about that. It may be possible to set up some sort of meet & greet if any of you are from the area, I'll check our schedule and talk to the other guys and see if we can make something happen.

Anyways, tomorrow I am waking up earlier than I usually do in order to catch the first leg of my summer trip to LA for The Summit. The tournament is made up of 6 teams and is apparently going to have a round robin group stage followed by your standard double elimination style tournament. Thought it might be interesting to give you my perspective for this tournament and my honest expectations for not only my team but for the others as well.

Disclaimer: These are biased opinions and not all of my opinions can be backed up legitimate facts. Totally subjective so CHILL OUT!

1-2. DK/EG – This should have been the finals at Starladder and I expect this to be the final here as well. Apparently its an even bo5 so hopefully we'll get to prove ourselves in a straight up series against the best team in the world.

3-4. Fnatic/VG – Chinas in great shape I believe but VG makes a lot of silly mistakes which is very “un-Chinese” of them and will probably cost them a spot in the finals. Fnatic on the other hand is notoriously one of the most inconsistent teams but they seem to always perform “pretty well” on LANs. Their experience and unique play-style will guide them most likely to a 3rd place finish but they could throw with some silly drafts and drop down to 4th.

5-6. Navi/NAR – Honestly we might see Fnatic down here if they are in really bad shape, it really depends who shows up on the given day. Regardless I think these are the two weakest teams in the tournament. NAR shows signs of promise approaching TI4 yet they are still a new team and their drafts seem a bit predictable. Maybe they are just saving some stuff for LAN. Much to some of your disappoint Navi seems to be struggling. They placed poorly at Starladder, failed to qualifiy for Dreamleague, and the only tournaments they are playing this summer are those they were invited to directly. Even though I'm one of the biggest Navi fanboys out there I'm really worried about this team and their motivation. All things aside they are still Navi and a top 2 finish is never something to rule out.

Tons of you have asked me my thoughts about this summer so I will try and give you a short breakdown before each tournament. Might be written through the blog or posted on the Youtube channel so stay tuned!

I don't mind if you share the blog with friends, more the merrier, just remind them to subscribe when they can! Thanks for reading!

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