Thursday, July 24, 2014

Subscriber Blog #2

Ok guys its been two weeks already so here's the second blog. Almost forgot about it!

In the past two weeks EG was able to finish strong in our qualification matches for The Summit, ESL Frankfort, and Dreamleague Season 1. When we started playing these leagues we were confident that we would make it to the LAN finals so it was a big relief to qualify. Neither the Summit or ESL qualifications were close in terms of us not qualifying as NA had two spots for the BTS tournament and our only competition for ESL was Liquid who we were confident in beating.

The Dreamleague qualifier was a bit more complicated. Coming into the “Super Weekend” we were barely in the top 6 with a 6-4 score. It seemed likely that it would come down to Navi, Fnatic, and ourselves fighting for the 5th & 6th slot. That being said we had some of our toughest games of the league coming up. The first day we played against Alliance and MYM which I do not think had much of an impact on us securing a spot at LAN. However the second day we played both Fnatic and Navi. Because Fnatic defeated team DOG (current Mouz) we needed to win over either Fnatic or Navi to advance. There was a million possible scenarios but we were focused on just winning one of them. We were fortunate enough to defeat Fnatic. Navi ended up forfeiting after a long drawn out decision from the admins. That being said these were all Bo1's and we had US East server for all 4 games; server Dota at its finest? We ended the league in 3rd place somehow with a 10-4 record so we'll be playing Alliance in the first round at Dreamhack.

We also finished up our D2CL matches against Rox-Kis, VP, and MYM with a 6-0 score. We entered this tournament just for some additional practice before summer so we are content with our 2
nd place finish in groups playing all games on Lux. Luckily it turns out the finals are going to be during our boot-camp in Europe so Lux shouldn't stop us from winning!

I know most of you are curious about our schedule for this summer and people are constantly asking me about our boot-camp etc. Because you were kind enough to subscribe I will give you some insider deets.

Here is our tentative schedule as of Today:

June 2nd: Arrive in LA for the Summit, set up with Kingston
June 3rd/4th: Bootcamp with Kingston
June 5th-8th: Summit Playdates
June 9th: Zai leaves back to Sweden, Artour leaves to Vancouver for Exams, Everyone else to San Francisco
June 11th: Leave for Gothenburg
June 14th-17th: Dreamhack playdates
June 18th: Rest
June 19th: Leave for Bootcamp in Germany
June 20th-27th: Bootcamp in Germany
June 28th-29th: ESL Playdates
June 30th - July 5th (may change): More bootcamp in Germany
July 6th (may change) Leave for Seattle

As you can see we have a jam-packed summer. Unfortunately I do not think I will be streaming during this time but I will still post blogs and perhaps some v-logs of our travels.

I think I will be posting blogs more often than two weeks as well because I often have a lot of things on my mind and writing them down seems to help me release. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more.


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